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  1. Google Mobile Ad Revenue Forecast to Hit Record $8.8 Billion in 2013

    The company has worked to further its reach in the space by supporting the Android platform, which has become the most popular smartphone OS on the market. The search giant made $32.73 billion in net digital ad revenue in 2012, equivalent to nearly...

  2. Taobao SEO: A Guide to One of the World's Largest Consumer Marketplaces

    Taobao Marketplace – a consumer to consumer platform similar to craigslist/ebay auctions They launched without charging fees to list, which of course transformed into a giant shopping search engine which is mainly items for sale rather than for bid.

  3. Google Axes iGoogle, Chatback & Google Mini

    This makes sense, considering Google recently paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million to acquire social platform Meebo. In another of what Google calls their “spring cleaning” announcements, the web/mobile/media/social/search giant...