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  1. Search Marketing and Social Media in Regulated Industries

    What should firms do when people write negative comments about their drugs or mention on social networks that they got sick from the drugs (i.e.adverse events")? For example, sites created by companies and agencies serving government entities must...

  2. Search Engine Optimization in a Down Economy

    Because SEO is a much more laborious process (companies must dedicate IT resources, copywriters, PR firms and others), it can be more difficult to get implemented. This could actually be good news for SEO agencies.

  3. Dana Todd and Sarah Holoubek on SEMPO at SES NY 2008

    Sara Holoubek is a free agent consultant, advising growth firms and investors in the interactive technology and advertising sector for the past 2 years. Prior to this experience, Sara held posts in client strategy with interactive agencies Organic...

  4. Search Marketers' Wish Lists

    I'd like to see more tools, with better functionality from the paid search side, especially for agencies using the APIs with each of the Big 3. Why Most Public Relations Firms Aren't Great Social Media & Blogging Experts, SEM Clubhouse