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  1. WordStream Enhances AdWords Grader: New Benchmarks, Monthly Reports, Mobile PPC Scores

    If you’re unfamiliar with the AdWords Grader, the application connects with your Google AdWords account, downloads specific reports, and analyzes them to provide insight into the following: Search marketing software and service company WordStream...

  2. Pinterest Acquires VisualGraph to Boost Image Recognition

    VisualGraph was co-founded by former Googler Kevin Jing who worked on Google's first image processing application back in 2004. Pinterest is refining its relevance capabilities with acquisition of startup company VisualGraph, an image recognition...

  3. BloomReach Helps Retailers Deliver Personalized Content to Mobile Shoppers

    Once the engine is reasonably confident, the BloomReach Mobile application will begin to incorporate behavior from the website into the mobile experience through 'Just for You' dynamic categories and even the priority of search suggestions.

  4. Yahoo iPhone App Gets Story Summaries, Better Video & Image Search

    We're thrilled to introduce this game-changing technology in our first mobile application," said Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. The Yahoo app lets users search for news topics they are interested in and displays summarized versions of chosen articles.

  5. Why Your PPC Ads Must Meet the True and Positive Needs of Prospects

    Search Marketing Application: Harnessing Unmet Needs Search Marketing Application: Harnessing Feelings The next step is to use your landing page copy to connect the negative feeling with the positive goals you identified in the “harnessing unmet...