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  1. Travel Search: Up Close and Personal

    All of the above trends were underscored in the keynote presentation by Nancy Ramamurthi, Chief Marketing Officer for, who predicted that travel search will grow to over 100 million unique visitors in the next three to five years, and...

  2. Hug the Reservations

    While Kayak, SideStep, Mobissimo, Farecast and others compete directly through their travel search engines, their approaches seem pretty different – and there's some room for all of them. When I asked him to compare his company to SideStep, he...

  3. New Players in Travel Search

    At the same time, SideStep and the rest of the travel search engines are barely a thorn in the side of Expedia. At this point, high booking fees are already a thing of the past for many consumers who use the travel search engines (SideStep, Kayak...

  4. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Amazon, SideStep Partner for Travel Search. And logically it would be a smart move to have it in Europe I guess, but search engines don't really understand that the theme 'Europe' is a region that includes all the 25 - 50 countries in Europe?