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  1. Travel Search: Up Close and Personal

    Both SideStep and Kayak agree that travel suppliers are winners as well when advertising on travel search engines, and are enjoying high conversion rates (as high as 17 percent), controlling customer purchases and enhancing their own brand awareness.

  2. Hug the Reservations

    While Kayak, SideStep, Mobissimo, Farecast and others compete directly through their travel search engines, their approaches seem pretty different – and there's some room for all of them. When I asked him to compare his company to SideStep, he...

  3. New Players in Travel Search

    They love the Web 2.0 style of Kayak or the SideStep sidebar comparison tool, but still don't really understand the difference between the travel search engines and OTAs. At this point, high booking fees are already a thing of the past for many...