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  1. Texas AG Wants Google's Formula for AdWords Rates, Ranking Sites

    Documents relating to competition from vertical search engines, including but not limited to the following companies: Worth Point, myTriggers, Foundem,, Documents relating to the impact of changes in AdWords prices or...

  2. How Did Goodzer New York Shopping Engine Fare On Holiday Sales Weekend?

    If you are wondering how nearby search engines may impact the retail sector, make a note of the following behaviors: In fact, the more retail stores of any size embrace real-time product feeds the more consumer confidence will grow to use nearby...

  3. What History Tells us About Facebook's Potential as a Search Engine, Part 1

    Although search engines cropped up in the early days, the quality of results simply weren't good enough in the beginning to drive people to use search as their main channel for web navigation, and "portals" became the primary channel for exploration.

  4. 2010 Search Predictions: The Experts Weigh In

    I would argue that vertical search has not only already "taken off," but has been an integral part of the search engine landscape for years - and indeed has experienced its biggest success through integration into global engines in the form of...

  5. Travel Search 2.0 -- Know Your Audience

    As the OTA's and the meta travel/comparison engines have become so firmly entrenched, the only thing to do is build upon the experience and create added value around the basic layer of content you have.