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  1. Travel Search: Up Close and Personal

    Both SideStep and Kayak agree that travel suppliers are winners as well when advertising on travel search engines, and are enjoying high conversion rates (as high as 17 percent), controlling customer purchases and enhancing their own brand awareness.

  2. Chasing Search Engine Algorithms: Wisdom or Folly?

    Patricia Hursh is founder of SmartSearch Marketing a search engine marketing agency specializing in lead generation and customer acquisition solutions, located in Boulder, Colorado. In contrast, she has been able to obtain excellent visibility and...

  3. Local Search Growing, but Small Biz Advertisers Cautious

    They also liked the idea that PPC could be a cost-effective or low-cost method of customer acquisition. This compares with new Nielsen data showing that 39% use Google, 30% use Yahoo and 30% use MSN.of respondents used search engines seven or more...