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  1. Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge

    But Search Engine Watch readers, don't fall for this misconception. Remember, search engine optimization doesn't mean optimizing for search engines only. SEO means optimizing for people who use search engines.

  2. New MPAA Report Blames Google, Search Engines for Piracy

    The television and movie community is working every day to develop new and innovative ways to watch content online, and as the Internet's gatekeepers, search engines share a responsibility to play a constructive role in not directing audiences to...

  3. SearchDay | "Must Have" Directories

    Search Engine Watch Experts Columns News from the Search Engine Watch Blog Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions vs. May 11, 2009 Which is the better option when deciding where to 301 redirect to prevent canonicalization?

  4. SearchDay | Trademark: The Next Generation

    News from the Search Engine Watch Blog comScore Releases Surprising Twitter Statistics Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 9, 2009 comScore has released some interesting statistics about Twitter. Search Engine Watch Experts Columns