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Search Engine Spam Ranking Page Detection

  1. Search Engine Algorithm Research & Testing

    The detection of spam either makes certain efforts less effective or damages a site entirely. The certainty with which spam is seen as intentional creates a sliding slope. The search engine could change the weighting of specific ranking factors.

  2. New Search Patent Filings: August 28, 2006 - Identifying Web Spam and Adult Images

    Various methods and apparatuses are described for an adult content detection implementation. New Microsoft patent applications include one that attempts to identify web spam based upon signals within the content of a page, another looks at ways to...

  3. Daily SearchCast, May 24, 2006: Windows Live Local Gets UK Images & Easier Map Sharing; Is That Site In Your Search Results Safe?; A Spam Detection Tool; A Search Marketing Magazine Arrives & More!

    Spam Detection Tool: How White Hat Is Your Web Site? The tool looks at a particular URL and classifies what elements on the page may raise a spam flag at a search engine. Nathan Weinberg spots a tool named Search engine spam detector.

  4. Daily SearchCast, Jan. 11, 2006: SEMPO Stats On Search Marketing Industry; Google Thinking About Selling Books; Search Patents; Google Earth For The Mac, Ben Franklin's Search Engine & More!

    Spam Detection and More Benjamin Franklin gets a search engine and more! Benjamin Franklin Gets His Own Search Engine Computation of Web Page Ranking, Calculating a Docments Importance, and Search Today's search podcast covers new stats about the...

  5. Seven Recently Published Patent Applications from Microsoft Deal with Computation of Web Page Ranking, Calculating a Docments Importance, and Search Spam Detection and More

    Title: Search engine spam detection using external data Patent watchers might be interested in reviewing seven of recently published patent applications from Microsoft that deal with computing a web page ranking, calculating a documents "importance...