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  1. Why Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Isn't for the Birds

    I was moderating a roundtable session at SES Chicago last week when the conversation turned to Hummingbird and how – according to the young lady I spoke to – it effectively means "Google is simplifying the query from long tail to shorter terms.

  2. Google Axes iGoogle, Chatback & Google Mini

    And there are already plenty of complaints from upset iGoogle users, Search Engine Roundtable reported. In another of what Google calls their “spring cleaning” announcements, the web/mobile/media/social/search giant revealed more services are...

  3. Search News & Headlines Around the Web - May 4, 2011

    Hyperlinked Headlines May Hurt Your Google News SEO - Search Engine Roundtable How Concatenation Schemas Can Make Large Site SEO a Small Task - Search Engine Guide Search Engine Optimization Here's a roundup of today's other search news and...