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Search Engine Placement Disclosure

  1. The Local Advertiser of Today and Tomorrow

    According to a study by comScore and TMP Directional Marketing (full disclosure, I'm employed by TMP Directional Marketing), the following types of media are used when consumers are looking for local business information:

  2. Yahoo Steps Up Click Fraud Efforts

    He stressed the need to balance disclosure with preventing fraudsters from getting too much data that would enable them to game the system. His team will focus on click fraud, traffic quality, network placement and other marketplace quality issues...

  3. Google CEO Maps Missions, Stays on Message

    If Sullivan takes a special interest in the health of the search advertising market, he'd like to know more specifically about the revenue from just those ads—yet much of the reported information combines contextual ad revenue with search...

  4. Google AdSense For Domains Program Overdue For Reform -- And Yahoo & Microsoft Should Also Take Note

    Even back then, the idea of populating content-less domains with paid links had iffy issues, in particular whether better paid link disclosure was needed. As an advertiser, you can decide contextual placement is not for you and opt-out entirely, or...

  5. Google Toolbar's AutoLink & The Need For Opt-Out

    But Google says its history of user disclosure on what the toolbar does is better, and I largely agree. I'd strongly encourage reading it, because there are plenty of direct comparisons between what happened then and what's happening now.eZula's...

  6. More on Search Engine Disclosure

    In yesterday's Search Engine Disclosure: Better, but Still Wanting, I wrote about a new report by Consumer WebWatch, which evaluated the current paid placement and paid inclusion disclosure practices major search engines.