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Search Engine People Submission Number 10

  1. Website Launch Checklist: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live

    Search Engine Submission W3C-valid code is the one thing you can do prior to launch to have some confidence around a search engine spider being able to crawl your site. Most websites have writers, web developers, marketers, search engine optimizers...

  2. Assessing the Success of Our Promotion

    Assigning a dollar value to a form submission is a little trickier than tracking how much product a promotion resulted in selling. Join us for Search Engine Strategies New York March 23-27 at the Hilton New York.

  3. Yahoo Steps Up Click Fraud Efforts

    Yahoo is also working on building automated advertiser inquiry submission processes, and providing greater detail around advertiser and publisher adjustments, he said. These programs help but don't address more critical issues such as easing the...