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Search Engine People Number 65

  1. 7 Ways to Make Your Google Search Result Stand Out

    For more tips on titles, see "How to Write Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization" and "Ecommerce Title Tags: Top 5 Ways to Increase Clicks". Search Engine Friendly URLs The search engine competition is fierce, so don't get left behind while...

  2. The Social CEO: 6 Reasons Why the CEO Must Lead the Way

    Most C-level executives are unaware of the impact their activity, or lack thereof, has on how their business will appear in search engine results. Unfortunately, controversy, bad behavior, and negative press also appear in search engine results.

  3. Why Facebook Ad Haters Are Wrong – Here’s How Marketers Can Do Better

    We have no more insight here at Search Engine Watch than the general public as far as why General Motors’ ad campaigns failed. Search Engine Watch columnists Noran El-Shinnaway and Merry Morud are both great resources on Facebook creative.

  4. Yahoo Study Seeks Algorithmic Answer to ‘Six Degrees of Separation’

    Search Engine Watch spoke with Watts to learn more about their study and how it differs from others completed recently. With access to the entire network, they found that the average number of acquaintances separating two people was 4.74.

  5. The Google Killer No One Dares Discuss [Best of SEW 2010 #5”

    Yahoo began as a search engine which did not rely on a crawl, it answers many questions for people in the Far East and has many of the other resources needed to go successfully in this direction. Editor's note: As 2010 winds down, we're celebrating...