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  1. 4 Ways to Expand PLA Success in 2014

    Since details like address, hours, and directions are shared, retailers should treat local storefronts like their other online business listings and maintain consistency and up-to-date information. Google's Product Listing Ads (PLAs) have become...

  2. How to Use PPC Data to Guide SEO Strategy in a '(Not Provided)' World

    The thought here is that if a page performs well in a PPC campaign, it will translate to performing well at the top of organic listings, though people clicking ads versus organic listings probably behave differently to some degree.

  3. 7 Ways to Make Your Google Search Result Stand Out

    By helping Google understand the link between your business listings and your website, you are more likely to have the map listing shown just below your search result. You can review the accuracy of your business listings with tools like GetListed...

  4. From Keyword to Products Sold: Use Your Data to Gain PPC Optimization Insights

    Seeing the search results page and the paid listings having such prominence I would have thought the opposite. This is mostly likely due to a consumer knowing what they want and clicking on the top listings vs.reading down further in the page to...