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  1.'s Top Questions of 2010: Users Prefer Dunkin' Coffee

    Yes, Ask has joined Jeeves in retirement, officially bowing out of the search business last month in favor of concentrating on the question and answer service they returned to in July. Plus, this list has become a yearly tradition at Search Engine...

  2. Live! From Redmond, It's Microsoft Powerset Live!

    Think Ask Jeeves 1.5) Seems Microsoft has already forgotten the Sunnyvale search engine. Microsoft has agreed to buy Powerset, the semantic search engine touted as the next generation of search. Powerset is the much-hyped beta natural language...

  3. Powerset Launches Piggybackipedia: Wikipedia Search Engine

    Think Ask Jeeves 1.5) The advantage to the user, aside from using questions similar to what one person would ask another verbally, is that a natural language search engine would, depending on its underlying programming, return a result that is more...

  4. The Thrill & Danger Of Measuring Relevancy Through Ego Searches

    Then again, that search also points out an Ask Jeeves failure. If you fail to come up tops for it, you conclude the search engine's relevancy is poor. Moreover, are you're going to condemn an entire search engine as bad, based on one search?