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  1. Web Search History: Before Google Answers and Yahoo Answers There Was "Answer Point" From Ask Jeeves

    Postscipt: Well, it seems the Jim Lanzone from Ask Jeeves reads his email on the weekend. I've sent a note to Jim Lanzone, Senior Vice President of Search Properties at AJ, and asked if he could provide a bit more background about the service itself.

  2. On Library Card Catalogs, OPACs, The Perfect Search & Teaching Searchers

    I also want to comment about what my friend, Jim Lanzone, from Ask Jeeves said: However, and I think Lanzone would agree with me, web search training or as Eszter Hargittai calls it "practice," especially for students and educators, can only be a...

  3. Navigating London

    Questions with Jim Lanzone, Senior VP of Search Properties, Ask Jeeves. But you can limit search results to pages only from the UK with Ask Jeeves UK, MSN Search UK and Yahoo is a homegrown UK search service that also features local search.