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  1. Search Engine Update - Who's Out There Shaking Things Up?

    Yippy and sister site, Clusty, attract 225 thousand unique visitors a month and is monetized via a partnership with Ask Jeeves. We spoke directly with Richard Granville, CEO, Yippy Inc, who discussed his aims to take off some of the burden on...

  2. SearchDay | How to Communicate SEO Value

    Ask.coms removal of Jeeves seemed to hurt them, FindWhat and eSpotting merger and . AdBrite is committed to our advertisers' success," said AdBrite CEO, Ignacio Fanlo. Search Engine Watch Experts Columns

  3. Customer Satisfaction with Search Engines

    While relaunched in early 2006, when it shed its "Ask Jeeves" identity, it never suffered the relaunch effect. I think they've done a great job reinventing the Web site, and transforming from Ask Jeeves to Ask, and it will start paying...

  4. Daily SearchCast, June 13, 2006: Google Still A Tech Company, Says Schmdit; Google Earth Gets New Features; GBuy To Take On eBay's PayPay?; eBay Takes On AdSense; Yahoo Answerers In Times Square

    Ask Jeeves bought Direct Hit, making the original group involved with it a good chunk of money. Today's search podcast covers Google CEO Eric Schmidt saying that Google isn't a media company; Google Earth revolves new features; Will Google's rumored

  5. Daily SearchCast, May 11, 2006: Google Trends For Researching What's Hot & What's Not; Google Co-op, Google's Big Time Tagging Experiment; Complaints Over Commission Cuts & More!

    Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN (keep in mind ask jeeves is now NetworkWorld Talks With Raul Valdes-Perez, CEO of Vivisimo incomplete results. I thought it would be fun to ask Google Trends which search engine, of the top four, is the most...