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Search Database Size Wars

  1. Google to Overture: Mine's Bigger

    Overture and Google have fired new salvos in the search engine size wars, expanding their databases of searchable web pages by millions of pages. Although the search engine size wars have been going on since the early days of web search, the...

  2. The Search Engine Update, July 1, 2002, Number 128

    FAST announced today that it has expanded its index to 2.1 web billion pages, taking the lead from Google in the search engine size wars. The SEC's EDGAR database is an absolutely essential resource for business researchers, and recent upgrades...

  3. The Search Engine Update, December 18, 2001, Number 115

    Google Fires New Salvo in Search Engine Size Wars SearchDay, Dec. Keyword Wizard will pull down term popularity data from Overture and store it in a database, for easy analysis.