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  1. Google's Q2 Financial Report Hits EDGAR Database

    Number crunchers might be interested to learn that Google's Q2 2005 official quarterly report (53 pages) hit the SEC EDGAR database today. Microsoft recently introduced a new search engine and has announced plans to develop features that make web...

  2. The Search Engine Update, July 1, 2002, Number 128

    The SEC's EDGAR database is an absolutely essential resource for business researchers, and recent upgrades have vastly improved its search interface. SEC Upgrades EDGAR Search Engine SearchDay, June 26, 2002

  3. RealNames Slipping Generics Into Specifics

    RealNames S-1 Filing Now you can see why the and deals are so significant -- because "mp3" and "jobs" are actually registered, they will cause RealNames links...

  4. RealNames Expands Namespaces

    For instance, using SEC tells RealNames to send whatever words appear after SEC to the SEC's EDGAR database. The new databases allow anyone using the RealNames system, such as through AltaVista or via RealNames-enabled software, to search for US...