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Search Clicks Class Action

  1. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    This case could potentially become a class action lawsuit. Facebook Announces Cost-Per-Action Bidding – Marketing LandAdvertisers can now do CPA bidding on page Likes, Offer claims, and link clicks. Fashion – The Search Agents"Overall impressions...

  2. Search Week in Review for Oct. 30, 2010

    Class Action Suit Targets Google for Revealing Users Search Queries By Danny Goodwin The class action seeks "monetary relief for those whose search queries were wrongly shared, and injunctive relief to prevent continued privacy abuses.

  3. Highlights from the SEW Blog: April 21-25, 2008

    Google Sued for Ad Fraud; Another Class Action Settlement? New Yahoo Feature Reports Number of Discarded ClicksYahoo has been throwing out bad clicks on search ad campaigns, but now a new feature will give further insight into those clicks.

  4. Ask and LookSmart Send Out Click Fraud Settlement Letters

    The proposed settlement will provide advertising credits to class members who certify that they were the victims of "click fraud" or other invalid or improper clicks on online advertisements purchased from IAC Search & Media, Inc.and/or Ask Jeeves...

  5. It's Time to See What's In the PPC Sausage

    Google Agrees To $90 Million Settlement In Class Action Lawsuit Over Click Fraud, Search Engine Watch Google Explains Invalid Clicks, Search Engine Watch Each search engine had developed a team of engineers to address click fraud and invalid clicks...

  6. Daily SearchCast, July 25, 2006: Report Says Google's Click Fraud Practices "Reasonable;" Few Opposed Proposed Google Click Fraud Settlement; Tracking Packages Via Search; Getting Real-Time Traffic

    Google class action lawsuit over click fraud. It finds that Google's efforts to combat the issue have been reasonable, though there are some eyebrow raising bits on how the author only finds the situation was in control by the end of 2005 and...