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  1. 10 SEO Truths of 2012 for Agencies & In-House Teams

    SEO technology is required more today than ever before in order to assist in the ongoing efforts of keyword research, rank checking, competitive analysis, backlink discovery and tracking, content tracking, analytics, social signal monitoring and...

  2. How to Update Your Keyword Research Process for 2013 & Beyond

    If the data suggests a positive business impact resulting from organic mobile visitors, utilize Google’s keyword tool to understand search behavior. Performing keyword research in a silo, relying solely on Google’s keyword tool for direction, is a...

  3. How to Get Actionable Insights From Social Media Measurement and Monitoring Tools

    Take action: Monitor core business-related keyword mentions across social media platforms and engage communities with conversation and information, but hold the outright sales pitch, unless asked/appropriate.

  4. Google Guilty of Defamation; Google/Apple Extend Search Deal & Latest Search News

    The previous Keyword Tool and Search-based Keyword Tool are no longer available in AdWords. Updated Keyword Tool: Out of Beta - Inside AdWords The updated Keyword Tool is now the only Keyword Tool available in AdWords.