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  1. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    Developers often want to implement OAuth in order to get started and/or debug any applications that use Twitter’s API. R: Report for Spam, Retweet, Reply Report for Spam You can report a tweet to Twitter as spam for several different reasons – they...

  2. FTC Giving Native Advertising a Closer Look

    Increasingly, advertisements that more closely resemble the content in which they are embedded are replacing banner advertisements – graphical images that typically are rectangular in shape – on publishers' websites and mobile applications.

  3. SearchDay | Do Teens Tweet?

    Twitter and the Wild West Posted by Byron Gordon Jun 16, 2009 Trying to keep up with the latest Twitter applications can be daunting. Follow Search Engine Watch on Twitter Posted by Kevin Newcomb Jun 16, 2009 It's #followfriday on Twitter, that day...