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  1. Can Groupon Break Into the Search Market?

    In an effort to move beyond your inbox, discount aggregator Groupon recently unveiled Pages, a directory of more than 7 million businesses full of information such as phone numbers, hours of operation, menus, and website URLs.

  2. PPC and SEO: Higher Conversion Rates Fuel the Need for Better Integration

    There has been a continual movement toward more aggregator sites who are monetizing their traffic via arbitrage and lead generation. Many paid search marketers often go about their business of optimizing their accounts without really caring about...

  3. Google’s Matt Cutts Talks Infographics, Differentiation & More SEO Topics

    Specific to e-commerce and aggregator sites, Cutts said, “They need to ask themselves what really is their value add? It did work for a while a few years ago, to fool the search engines into thinking a site had more unique content than it actually...

  4. Bing: Deals, Video Home Page, New Conduit Deal

    In teaming with Groupon, LivingSocial, Nordstrom, Target and others, Bing’s goal is to be an aggregator rather than be another Groupon or LivingSocial, or even Google Offers. Bing now offers a more visual discount deal search experience with Bing...

  5. Asia Search Update: Yahoo Algo Transition Goes to India, Google Eyes Southeast Asia

    The report noted that the three sectors with the most e-commerce potential include offering airline tickets on deal aggregator sites, followed by clothes and mobile phones. While the global search alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft has completed...

  6. U.S. Hotel Industry Could Be Losing $1.9 Billion From Branded Search Terms

    In this second example from the report, we can see that a hotel deals aggregator is advertising on branded keywords and whilst directing users to the correct landing page, is also making suggestions for other hotels in the area.