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  1. Google Shopping: Product Listing Ad & Feed Optimization Tips & Best Practices [Videos]

    That leads us right into the second reason, which is that bidding allows you to gain control. They look at it as a great opportunity because if they're charging a percentage of spend, they're going to make more money as an agency.

  2. Paid Search Fire Drills: Common Oversights, Harsh Consequences

    If you're operating under a situation as described above, it's entirely possible that your paid search program is receiving credit for sales/leads that are also being credited to organic search. The fire drill: You're double counting orders or leads

  3. How to Get Actionable Insights From Social Media Measurement and Monitoring Tools

    Depending on your level of comfort in social media measurement, you may find yourself applying what you learn online to develop your business, especially if you already offer products or services related to advertising or marketing, public...

  4. Performance Management for SEO Teams

    One of the key goals and expectations that tie them together is learning how to write optimized copy that also leads to conversions. As an ever-evolving agency, we see the value of synergies between paid and organic search campaigns, so it's...