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  1. Twitter Launches Tailored Audiences Retargeting Product

    At that time, senior director of product – revenue Kevin Weil wrote, “Users won't see more ads on Twitter, but they may see better ones. Twitter has moved fast to build and prove revenue since their IPO, most recently adding both custom timelines...

  2. Invest in This, Not That: A Competitive PPC Analysis Solution for the Holidays

    In contrast, the revenue is unknown for the Furby and not as many competitors are investing in advertising. Since it is our own business we also know that the revenue will be approximately $35,000, which is an acceptable profit, so of course we...

  3. Mobile Ad Revenue Outlook: Local Search Leads the Way

    Search is the largest mobile local revenue component and will remain so through the forecast period. This should tell us something about mobile local search and its impact in shaping the ad revenue opportunities of the next few years.

  4. Google Plans to Combine Mobile & Desktop Ads

    An investor from Citi asked Page if desktop revenue was now as good as it would ever get. Can Google remain objective when they’re proposing an amalgamation of services that defies all conventional knowledge (even their own) and seems designed for...

  5. AOL Puts Entire Original Video Library on 22 Monetized YouTube Channels

    Ad sales will be handled by AOL's sales team, opening up a new revenue stream for the company and delivering a significant amount of brand-safe inventory for advertisers. According to comScore’s Video Metrix for August 2012, YouTube's parent...

  6. New York Times to Sell Google to Blame?

    Revenue for, which has declined to $25.4 million in the second quarter (a drop of 8.7 percent), is generated by advertising (display and click-through), so it follows that it would be negatively affected by a large drop in internet traffic.