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  1. Want to Increase Your CTR by Nearly 50%? Consider Search Refinements

    While many advertisers focus heavily on initial keyword expansion and ad copy optimization, relatively few think about the impact their ads might have when seen in rapid succession. Although my friend didn't find what he was looking for (more on...

  2. 3 PPC Power Plays: Monday Mornings, Luxury Hotels & Online Education

    A study from Bing Ads looked 143 million ad impressions from 100,000 search ads in January 2013 for the Education Provider vertical. One of the interesting findings when comparing the top ads across devices was PC users respond to "at-home" in ad...

  3. Conquering Content Marketing, Step 2: The Content (and Plot) Develops

    Over the next few weeks, Lisa supervised the shoot, negotiated ad buys on the sites Don told her to advertise on, and she even got Don's billboard produced, despite many heated arguments about why his concept was so misguided.

  4. Global Mobile Advertising Opportunities: Brazil. Russia, India & China

    The "discount ad" is one of the most effective display ads amongst the Chinese population. The most common active mobile ads are mobile search ads (Baidu, Qihoo360) and display ads. The CTR for mobile ads targeted to Apple devices is .46 percent.

  5. Google's Product Listing Ads: Adoption, Clicks, Mobile Continue Surge [Study]

    Marin's methodology for the study drew a sample from the Marin Global Online Advertising Index, and analyzed enterprise retailers spending more than $100,000 per month on Google text ads and PLAs. When it came to how much budget PLAs were afforded...

  6. Google Display Network Remarketing: Convert The Prodigal Shopper

    Mess around with the different types of lists, sites where you are displaying ads, keywords, member duration, frequency capping, ad layout, etc. Google Display Network Remarketing is a free remarketing program which integrates with AdWords, Google...

  7. What Percentage of Brands Actually Use Google+ Authorship? [Analysis]

    Ads Developer Agency Ad Solutions Blog The more tech savvy and online focused businesses are moving quicker – yet many are still struggling to roll-out across all authors, and it's normally only a small number of writers, rather than all, who are...