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  1. Panda 4.0 Help: Google Clarifies Tremors, 3 Analogies for Diagnosing Hits

    The scenarios are based on actual Panda hits, and I’ve morphed them into everyday offline activities. Then, after analyzing more companies impacted by Panda 4.0, I wrote a follow-up post here on Search Engine Watch explaining additional findings...

  2. PPC Management: Your Past, Present & Future

    Your Past: Course-Correction Activities Reviewing ad tests, regularly analyzing search query data, and various other tasks should be completed on a regular schedule. Without digging too deep into astrophysics or multi-dimensional theory, PPC...

  3. Google: Local Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Users to Visit Stores [Study]

    Participants in this study voluntarily completed an online survey or logged their smartphone search and in-store activities via a mobile diary. And 15 percent of in-store activities involved smartphone searches about a product or price comparison.

  4. Why Content Marketers Should Step Back From Creation and Focus On Strategy

    But, it is these activities that precede increasing leads and brand or product awareness in the lead conversion funnel. The data suggests that marketers may have tunnel vision on an outcome (more leads) to the detriment of the activities that could...