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  1. So... You Think SEO Has Changed?

    For example, PageRank sculpting no longer works because the PageRank that would otherwise flow through a link that has a nofollow tag on it isn't redistributed, but rather "evaporates. Every year I hear a new chorus of folks claiming that SEO is...

  2. 10 Website Quality Indicators That Can Sink Your SEO Battleship

    While link sculpting is considered an outdated technique, keeping your page links relevant and on topic is not. You're awesome. Your site is fantastic. You have great content. People think your site rocks – traffic is skyrocketing and you're...

  3. Search Engine Algorithm Research & Testing

    When nofollow was introduced, some SEO enthusiasts wanted to use it for so called “PageRank sculpting” (the intentional steering of link value through a website). The hardest part is devising tests that show an effect on individual ranking factors.

  4. Should You Still Use Nofollow?

    PageRank sculpting has been a hot topic since 2007. This touched off an era where many SEOs recommended PageRank sculpting, and lots of sites did it. At SMX Advanced 2009, Matt Cutts made statements about how this had been changed, and which he...