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  1. Reinstalling My PC, Part 1: Top Timesavers

    I'm organized (on the computer at least), but with hundreds of emails daily, along with reports for numerous clients, desktop search is a must-have time saver. Snag-it solves all that; copy only what you want from the screen and add effects on the...

  2. The GoTo Top 100 - Unfiltered

    Term game sex travel music sport yahoo job software map chat casino screensavers mp3 airline auction car automobile movie weather hotmail valentine porn pokemon horoscope joke book y2k flower grab bag hotel...

  3. The Search Engine Report September 3, 1997 - Number 10

    What a valuable time saver! Along the left side of the screen are special search features that Infoseek offers, such as news, reference, yellow pages and image searching. On the inside search result pages, a suggestions column runs alongside the...