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Screen Resolutions

  1. How to Use the Browser & OS Reports in Google Analytics, Plus 15 Reasons Why

    Proving why you need a responsive design – see how many different Screen Resolutions there are. It is an essential place to look when you're thinking about making changes to your site that may work differently in various browsers, operating systems...

  2. Responsive Now! The Rise of Front-End Frameworks & Potential Pitfalls to Consider

    In short, responsive web design is the integrated use of CSS, scripts, and HTML that allows a website to adapt to various device resolutions. User experience and design enthusiasts hail that it provides ideal experiences across a variety of screen...

  3. Today's Newspapers Around the World

    Rather than offering versions of the pages in different resolutions, PressDisplay has a tool that works like a virtual magnifying glass on a full-size image that's only partially displayed in your browser.

  4. Navigational Keyword Space Heats Up; Watch Those Claims!

    Prices include unlimited resolutions, over the year. Instead, Netword prefers the term "split screen. That's because the original search results will be arranged to fill about 60 percent of your screen, while the Netword-owner's page will be...