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Scott Rafer

  1. Daily SearchCast, Sept. 13, 2005: Microsoft Challenges, Yahoo's Own Media Content, Fight Over Gmail, New Blog Search Tool, Katrina Missing Persons Search From Google, An API Search Tool, Google Force

    Scott Rafer Says Today's search podcast cover Ask Jeeves's CEO on future growth, Microsoft's growth issues, Yahoo doing its own media, Geico telling competitors not to buy its name, a possible court fight over the term "Gmail," a interesting new...

  2. Feedster's Rafer Not Happy With Clusty

    Feedster's Scott Rafer isn't happy that the new Clusty search engine is hitting his site without a licensing agreement, in comments he's left at Welsh View. UPDATE: Scott Rafer just sent an email letting us know that he's updated his comments on...

  3. Public Relations Via Search Engines

    Scott Rafer is the President and CEO at Feedster, a blog search engine. Rafer offered the following tips for blog publicity: Most blogs have a what's called a comments area and you can go in and put in the facts and what was discussed," said Rafer.