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  1. Dorothy Hodgkin Google Doodle Celebrates Biochemist

    A Google Doodle today celebrates the 104th birthday of British scientist Dorothy Hodgkin. The special logo features an X-ray crystallography of 3-D biomolecules, the method used by scientists to determine the 3-D structure of biological molecules.

  2. In Memoriam: Ren Warmuz of Trellian

    Ren, who was a computer scientist, was the brains behind all of their products, while David runs the business side of things and is better known in the industry, attending many trade shows. The search engine marketing and domain industries lost one...

  3. Ada Lovelace Google Doodle Celebrates First Computer Programmer

    Her mentor, scientist Mary Somerville, introduced Lovelace to Babbage in 1833. A Google Doodle today celebrates mathematician Ada Lovelace, widely known as the world’s first computer programmer, who was born on this date 197 years ago.