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Science Fiction

  1. PPC Management: Your Past, Present & Future

    This may sound like an ominous warning spoken by a man in a black cloak during a B-grade science fiction movie: you must achieve a balance within the continuum or be doomed to a languid existence. Managing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is like time...

  2. What on Earth is a Nexialist and Why Are They So Good at Link Building?

    The science fiction writer, A.E.van Vogt first coined the term “nexialist” – someone who was trained in “integrated science and thought. It would seem that nexialism as defined by van Vogt, has a solid basis in the science of creativity.

  3. Google+ vs. Facebook: More Passive Aggression & Creepiness in Tech Soap Opera

    When we first began to hear the term “Identity Project” thrown around in relation to Google+, it sounded like the stuff of science fiction movies. Google’s Bradley Horowitz responded to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s recent verbal jab that Google...

  4. Leveraging Facebook Ads for Obscure Charity Donations

    Here is a list of powerful books in which a central character, fiction and non-fiction, is dealing with cancer personally or with a loved one. Facebook is not science and there are few “perfect” segments.

  5. 7 Mini-Games To Play and Socialize With Friends in Second Life

    The genre is science fiction and based in the far future. Also if the science fiction world isn't your thing, you could play its predecessor, Tiny Empires, which is in a medieval setting, but has the same gameplay.

  6. PPC Keyword Sets: Words to the Wise

    In the words of my favorite science fiction author, TANSTAAFL. In the first installment of this column, I made the case that successful PPC advertising requires skills and techniques that are part art and part science.