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  1. A Recipe for a Tasty Semantic Search & SEO Salad

    That's not to say that or RDFa won't provide benefits – on the contrary. They aren't totally separate concepts! Certainly, SEO and semantic search overlaps, but the key to success lies in finding how to mesh them together, so that they...

  2. Google Supports New Schema for Multiple Business Phone Numbers

    Recently announced, Google launched support for new markup that helps your organization define specific preferred phone numbers when listed on your website. If you haven't been using any rich markup schema on your website, you're missing...

  3. So... You Think SEO Has Changed? Markup Sure, there is less data to look at (thanks, Google) and there are changes in how the engines deal with some of the technical issues like canonical tags, rel=alternate syntax, and schema mark up to name a few, but it's really no...

  4. Local SEO & Listing Management: A Blueprint for Multi-Location Brand Success

    Google has increasingly relied on microdata to better understand web content and recommends that webmasters utilize the structure. Implement localized schema markup (e.g.proper itemprop for local business name, address, and phone number)