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  1. Searcher Personas: A Case for User-Centric SEO

    I prefer this approach because the same high-level personas can be used to tie together all digital (and maybe even offline) marketing efforts – everyone involved in marketing and content production (not just the SEO) uses the same personas.

  2. SEO Audit Findings: 4 Hidden Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals to Search Engines

    You mapped out a strong 301 redirection plan, worked with your developers on implementing that plan, and tested it thoroughly before releasing it to production. I conduct a lot of large-scale SEO audits, which can often uncover a lot of large-scale...

  3. How to Introduce a Politics-Free Prioritization Model for Analytics Reporting

    You only have so many resources, and you only have so much time, but sometimes you can cascade work from one resource to another, somewhat like a production line. As we all know, scale can easily be accomplished by driving up volume and driving...

  4. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    Be sure to include resource time, equipment rental, shoot fee (e.g.location), and editing for total video production costs. Consider respective scale measurements (1=Low, 3=High, etc.and weight/importance to aid scoring based on business priorities...