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  1. Panda Has a Smartphone – Here Are 7 Things You Can Do to Test It Now

    For example, I’m helping several large-scale websites now with Panda hits that have 50 percent mobile traffic from Google organic. Since May 20, I’ve been helping a number of companies with large-scale Panda attacks.

  2. 5 Googley SEO Terms – Do They Mean What You Think They Mean?

    PageRank is just a public facing value with little real meaning other than 0 is bad, 10 is great, and if you are going down the scale it is a negative and up the scale it is a positive. These words all have very specific meanings when it comes to...

  3. 4 Reasons You Should Start Obsessing About AdWords Quality Score

    Most businesses have an average Quality Score of 5 on the scale of 1-10. I've been meaning to respond since I read the piece, but hey – better late than never, right? I want to explain why you should, in fact, be obsessed with your quality score.

  4. Facebook Custom Audiences: 7 Strategies Marketers Can Start Using Today

    Finally, advertisers have a Facebook retargeting solution with the power and scale of FBX, but without the monthly fees charged by third-party FBX media-buying partners. At the end of January, Facebook announced the global rollout of Custom...

  5. Top Online Retailers Favor Facebook for Traffic and Sales [Study]

    Those surveyed also said posts from friends on Facebook were the most effective method for learning about new products with a score of 2.73 on a scale of 1 to 5. Social technology company 8th Bridge released its third-annual Social Commerce IQ...