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  1. Last-Minute SEO - Here Come the Holidays!

    If you can pay for a proper manager, they are worth their weight in saved money. Long tail can be a huge winner because people use so many different types of phrases to find the items they are looking for and Google’s Hummingbird update rewards...

  2. Social Media Marketing 101, Part 2

    To start the conversation mining process, you should subscribe to RSS feeds of news alerts related to your company and brands on Google News, as well as saved searches on Technorati. To leverage it correctly, you must consider first what you want...

  3. LinkedIn Unveils New Search Platform

    Saved Searches Popular professional social networking site LinkedIn is rolling out its new search platform. Like most major releases, it will only be available to a small percentage at first. The new search platform will include:

  4. Search Engine Promises to Reduce Carbon Footprint

    As of this post, Blackle claims to have saved the earth 567,579.120 Watt hours. If you want to “go green” while conducting your searches, then a new search engine is right up your alley. Echocho promises to grow up to 2 trees for every 1000 searches.

  5. Study: Search Driving Offline Conversions for Local Service Businesses

    Here's what the Nielsen-WebVisible data showed: of respondents saved the business' phone number searched a second time had bookmarked the service vendor's website used a phone book to find the service vendor did not contact the vendor a second time