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Saved Podcast Search

  1. Social Media Marketing 101, Part 2

    To start the conversation mining process, you should subscribe to RSS feeds of news alerts related to your company and brands on Google News, as well as saved searches on Technorati. Do you need to produce a video or a podcast before you start the...

  2. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 1)

    The Copyright Office accepts online works saved on a popular removable media format, such as CD/DVD. Multimedia series (podcast and video archive) Search marketers will almost certainly run into copyright issues at some point in their careers.

  3. Daily SearchCast, June 8, 2006: Yahoo Answers Grows And Grows; Google Sued Over Ad It Refuses To Run; Google Urges Users To Rally For Net Neutrality & More!

    including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords ? Today's search podcast covers the growth of Yahoo Answers; alternative ways to be listed in Google and Yahoo; Google sued over ads it doesn't want to run;

  4. Daily SearchCast, May 11, 2006: Google Trends For Researching What's Hot & What's Not; Google Co-op, Google's Big Time Tagging Experiment; Complaints Over Commission Cuts & More!

    The service will allow you to add notes to search results, which in turn can be saved into one or more notebooks. Today's search podcast covers new Google products unveiled during yesterday's Danny just posted about Google Trends, a service of...

  5. Daily SearchCast, Oct. 11, 2005: Yahoo Gains Podcast Search, Blends Blogs & News; Google Gains Feed Reader, Bookmarking Feature, GoogleGuys Brin & Cutts Speak, Gada Meta Search For Mobiles Launches

    My Web Saved Pages On Your Site -- But Still No Add To My Web Button! Today's search podcast covers Yahoo getting both a new podcast search service and mixing new blog search results into Yahoo News, while Google launches a feed reading service...

  6. Daily SearchCast, Oct. 5, 2005: Google And Sun Partner On Toolbar, Yahoo Acquires, AOL Adds Saved Searches, Finding Movie Info, Saving The Ask Jeeves Butler & More!

    Today's search podcast covers more on Google and Sun partnering to distribute the Google Toolbar and other cooperative moves, Yahoo buying events listing service, AOL adding saved searches and other features to its web search...