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  1. Effective Storytelling for Brands: How to Drive Discovery & Engagement

    Before Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, Google was already amplifying consumer word-of-mouth by retrieving and highly ranking user-generated media in organic search results. The content that finds its way through the complicated maze of devices...

  2. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    Some people say "via" instead of HT, but HT does save you one character (and you might need it more often than you think! Your Twitter bio is the little description of yourself that people will see when they visit your personal page.

  3. Is Google Sucking the Life Out of Your Identity? Are They Alone?

    There's no longer any need to ensure that no PII (personal identity information) is stored. The Justice Department certainly hasn't been bashful about asking various search engines and social media platforms to share privileged data before – even...

  4. A 7-Step Landing Page Template to Convert Prospects into Leads

    Pay-per-click search marketing may have been invented in the second Clinton administration, but it's a modern iteration of a hundred-year-old tradition of direct marketing: Find people who have a problem, get their attention with a small...