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  1. Google & NORAD/Microsoft Go Head-to-Head with Competing Santa Trackers

    We have been tracking Santa since 1955 using our military satellites, radars, fighter jets and Santa cams. For the second year in a row, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is using Bing Maps for their annual Santa tracker.

  2. Twitter Helps Prove That Fame Isn't Fleeting

    Over the course of 70 years, through a world war, a global depression, a two order of magnitude growth in (available) media volume, and a technological curve moving from party-line telephones to satellites and Twitter, both of our fame duration...

  3. Search Engines from Mars, Web Directories from Venus

    The idea is to plan for robust Internet communications among planets, satellites, asteroids, robotic spacecraft and crewed vehicles as humankind inexorably moves from Terra Firma into neighboring regions of the solar system.

  4. US Government Search Engine Launched

    That produces radically different results than looking for "satellites" narrowed to US agencies and the subject of "space technology. Thus, one can choose to search for something like "satellites" narrowed to US military sites and the subject of...