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  1. Optimizing Search and Digital Marketing With Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling [#CZLSF]

    Now that the attribution modeling systems were working, the next step to SAP’s success was to put together a globally mandated test lab over a period of two years. While attending ClickZ Live San Francisco’s session on "Optimizing Search and...

  2. SEO Strategies for JavaScript-Heavy Single Page Applications or AJAX Sites

    If budget and resources allow, a comprehensive approach to creating an SEO-friendly AJAX or SAP site would involve: Next to AJAX, a web technology well established to trigger the load of certain page content on demand, so-called Single Page...

  3. Building the B2B Social Media Machine: SES New York 2013 Sneak Preview #SESNY

    Joining me on the panel will be Adriel Sanchez, senior director of Demand Generation at SAP. Sanchez will describe how SAP has put in a social media organization, tools, processes and governance that spans global, regional, and local teams.

  4. Smartphone banking has limited mobility

    We saw SAP’s [$5.8 billion] acquisition of Sybase, in order to deliver in the mobile space. Rejecting technology on the grounds it is unnecessary or represents too great a challenge is a common response when innovation threatens the status quo.