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Sao Paulo

  1. Marketing to the Mindset: How to Match Social Content to User Intent

    Qualitative interviews were conducted in London, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Mumbai and included all variety of professional social network users from a wide range of industries. Is your brand effectively harnessing the power of emotion to...

  2. Google’s Legalize Love Campaign Pressures Governments on Gay Rights

    In June, more than 1,500 Gayglers took part in Pride marches and demonstrations in Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, New York, and elsewhere. Google recently launched a new campaign called Legalize Love, designed to promote LGBT rights...

  3. Daily SearchCast, August 23, 2006: Is Google Bad For Other Businesses? Will Brazil Close Google's Offices There? Isn't Yahoo Coupon Finder Cool? And More!

    An injunction is apparently being requested ordering the release of information from Orkut, with a threat for closure of Google's Sao Paulo office if they don't comply. Today's search podcast covers whether Google is too dominant over businesses?