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Santa Clara California

  1. How One Company Used Promoted Tweets to Heat Up Sales During the Polar Vortex

    Santa Clara, Calif.based company, Chegg, is a seasonal business focused on helping college students with resources like textbooks, scholarships and more. With the proclaimed "polar vortex" hitting tons of states across the U.S.this idea was born in...

  2. Peter Norvig offers an insider's look at Google Research during SMX West

    At SMX West 2010 in Santa Clara, California, Peter Norvig, who spearheads Google's wide-ranging research efforts, offered a behind-the-scenes look at the cool technology projects Google is developing for future products and services.

  3. The Future of Online Ads: Location, Location, Location

    Local search and geo-targeting will be key subjects at The Kelsey Group's ILM:08 Conference, November 19-21, in Santa Clara, California. A related piece to this puzzle involves national advertisers supporting their local stores with rich media ads...

  4. When will ROBO's Time Come?

    This topic will be covered further at The Kelsey Group's ILM '08 conference from November 19-21 in Santa Clara, California. Now it's time to ask when ROBO's time will come. ROBO (research online, buy offline) is the concept that a growing volume of...

  5. Court Says Yahoo Speech Engineers Can Continue Working

    The order issued Monday in Santa Clara County Superior Court said the court was unable to properly assess whether any wrongdoing had occurred, and therefore declined to grant Nuance's request for a temporary restraining order against Yahoo and the...

  6. NewHoo Becomes Netscape Open Directory

    Yahoo believes in centralizing its surfing staff as much as possible: most of them work in the same building in Santa Clara, California -- even some of those responsible for non-US listings. It is currently being made available through