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San Jose Google Dance

  1. Shoemoney Must Have Taken Hit To Head: SES Blog Post Seems Petty and Wrong

    The Google Dance is not to be this year, true; but to tie Google's action ot the future and success of SES is just bad logic. The speakers at SES San Jose are a list of industry leaders. As you said SES San Jose was your first conference.

  2. A message from Becky Ryan - Social Queen of SES San Jose

    pm Google Dance 2008 The annual Mecca pilgrimage for SEM's Google Dance 2008 Crazy Google Dance 2007 Video. As the evening ends many SEM's have a Google high and you if you feel like partying later there's almost always something going on back in...

  3. Special Events at Next Week's SES San Jose

    I'm bringing my wife and daughter to the Google Dance in San Jose next week. Tuesday evening, there's Google Dance - Glow in the Dark! All SES attendees are invited to attend the 7th annual Google Dance.

  4. Getting Vertical Search Right: A Sneak Preview

    That's the number of Google Dance T-shirts I own, one for every year that I've attended Search Engine Strategies San Jose, which makes it a complete set. The only question that remains: will someone please remember to grab me a Google Dance T-shirt...

  5. Schedule Optimization for SES San Jose

    Google Dance 2007(RSVP required) Search Engine Strategies San Jose gets underway next week. Even if you bring a colleague along with you, it will be impossible to attend all of the five concurrent conference sessions over the first four days of...