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San Antonio Texas

  1. Federal Court Dismisses Online Travel Hotel Tax Suit

    A judge in Texas granted a motion to file suit by San Antonio. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has dismissed a suit brought forth by Pitt County, North Carolina (Greenville, NC is located there for those who are NC-challenged) to...

  2. Online Travel Industry Having Tax Problems

    Houston and San Antonio - guess Dallas would be next if the decider is towns with NBA teams - have filed suit against online travel companies for not paying the right amount of occupancy taxes dues. On Tuesday, a federal judge granted San Antonio's...

  3. Report: Click Fraud Rises in Q2 & High-Priced Keywords Click Fraud Rate At 20.2%

    SAN ANTONIO, Texas ? The Click Fraud Index issued an updated report on the state of click fraud. In the second quarter click fraud rose four points to 14.1 percent, compared with the Q1 results of 13.7 percent.