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Same Marriage

  1. Google Celebrates Gay Pride Month, Supports LGBT Employees

    Supreme Court decisions involving gay rights: California’s Prop 8 allowing same-sex marriage and the ruling on the federal Defense of Marriage Act. And Google+ Hangouts have been instrumental in facilitating same-sex marriage in France where same...

  2. As Goes Paid Search, So Goes the Election?

    The 23 keyword terms sponsored by that gained the most impressions pre-election included both Barack and Michelle’s names (and Bill Clinton’s) as well as several topical issues of importance to Obama’s supporters (Obamacare...

  3. Google’s Legalize Love Campaign Pressures Governments on Gay Rights

    Despite early reports the program is fighting for the legalization of gay marriage, Google insists “‘Legalize Love' is a campaign to promote safer conditions for gay and lesbian people inside and outside the office.

  4. Living Stories is Google's Way of Telling Murdoch to 'Buzz Off'

    Talks: A Marriage Made in Hell? Google Living Stories lets you read the same reporting and analysis that you expect from The New York Times and The Washington Post, delivered on a highly interactive platform.

  5. Twitter and Local Search: A Status Update

    Would Twitter and local search likewise be an unnatural marriage? I stand somewhere between scenarios 1 and 2, but I do believe the marriage of Twitter and local search (most search for that matter) should be a happy one.

  6. The Search Bachelor

    If there were a few more dates before the wedding, this unhappy marriage might have been avoided. We've all dated someone who, after a few dates, is already picking out baby names; they're in such a rush to get to the end game (marriage) that they...

  7. Change How You Think About Your Life and Company

    Failed marriage. I was never the same again. So many of you wrote to tell me how that article helped you better understand the "secret" of getting links. Thank you all very much for taking the time to let me know how that piece affected you.

  8. Yahoo's Latest Letter to Shareholders: We'll Sell for $33 Per Share

    Now let's turn to the recent marriage of convenience between Microsoft and Mr. In a letter that is likely to believed by almost no one, Yahoo regurgitated much of the same old statements about Microsoft and Carl Icahn - and then slipped in...

  9. Dear Google: Facebook Is Just Not That Into You

    We view this trial separation leading to divorce, not an open marriage. What this means to you: the search engines are becoming more like car dealerships where certain models can be sold under the same roof.

  10. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 17-21, 2008

    The same sentiment does not exist when pondering a Microsoft/AOL marriage. From the SEW blog: Organic Search Is Google Becoming a Portal? Google has long held that it is not a portal. Concerns of publishers wary of giving away their content to...