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  1. Google’s Human Trafficking Ad Policy Questioned

    They say the results for such searches as [adult fun] and [buy foreign women] speak for themselves (of course, these ads will go away if you use strict Google SafeSearch filtering). Two lawmakers are concerned about human trafficking advertisements...

  2. Google Enables SafeSearch Locking

    Google is offering additional protection for its "strict" SafeSearch options. When the strict SafeSearch is selected, bright bubbles with the primary colors of Google's famous bubble will be present in the top right corner of the page.

  3. Matt Cutts of Google Joins Extreme Makeover: Live Site Clinic at SES San Jose

    Cutts wrote SafeSearch, which is Google's family filter. Matt Cutts, the Software Engineer Guru at Google Inc.will be joining the panel during the Extreme Makeover: Live Site Clinic at SES San Jose 2009 on Thursday, August 14, 2009, from 10:30 to...

  4. Twitter: Welcome to my Google Nightmare

    SafeSearch Filtering Twitter may give Google a run for its money. Twitter's one more way, though, that Google knows everything about you. Speak now, and Google listens. That may not be good for business.

  5. 7 Deadly SEO Questions for Google's Matt Cutts

    Take, for instance, the developer of Google's SafeSearch filter, Matt Cutts, also know as 'porn cookie guy': "Cutts got his moniker by giving out his wife's tempting homemade cookies to Googlers who help him find unwanted porn.

  6. How Google Censors Itself For China & Paid Exclusion As Being Evil

    For example, do a SafeSearch search at Google, and it doesn't tell you that anything in particular has been removed. In particular, as Declan notes, they may have been relying on a modification of their SafeSearch filter used to keep children...

  7. Using Google To Measure Your Sluttiness

    Google's SafeSearch feature, as explained more here. A nice find by Nathan at InsideGoogle, Slut-O-Meter lets you find out how promiscuous you are according to Google. It does a search for the words you enter on Google, then searches again using

  8. New Google Catalogs Database Now Live

    However, I did notice that at one time the advanced interface offered a SafeSearch filter that you could use on a per search basis. That was fast. Via Google Blogoscoped word that Google Catalogs, you know, the one that went offline last week, is...

  9. After Just a Few Hours With Google Blog Search: Comments and Wishes

    I activated SafeSearch (strict filtering) from the preferences page and from the advanced search page and still no go. After a few hours of testing Google Blog Search (GBS), here are a few comments, complaints, and things I would like to see in the...