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Ruling Class

  1. Google's Universal Privacy Policy Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

    According to the ruling, eight plaintiffs brought the class action suit against Google "on behalf of all persons and entities in the United States who acquired a Google account between August 19, 2004 and February 29, 2012 and maintained such an...

  2. Google Wins Book Lawsuit: Judge Rules Digitization Service 'Fair Use'

    This latest part began in 2012 following a judge's ruling that The Guild could file a class action lawsuit against the search giant. Google has emerged victorious in its eight-year battle for its Books service, with a judge ruling that Google's use...

  3. Congressman, EPIC Push for Larger Google Street View Investigation

    Google Faces Oregon Class Action Lawsuit Over Rogue Data Collection EPIC lambasted the FCC's ruling for being too lenient. Google Appeals Wiretapping Definition Ruling The fallout from Google's Street View Wi-Fi data grab continues.

  4. Google Guilty of Defamation; Google/Apple Extend Search Deal & Latest Search News

    Exec says a new high-end mobile website (codenamed Blazer) will provide a "best-in-class" mobile video search experience, and address many of the earlier issues with YouTube mobile services. Google will appeal the ruling.

  5. Trademark: The Next Generation

    We know from the class-action moneymaking scenarios of years past that everyone except the lawyers lose in trademark class-action litigation. Last week's Second Circuit Court ruling in the case of Rescuecom Corp.v.

  6. SearchDay | My Wife, the Editor

    My Wife, the Editor LINK LOVE Editor of any kind of publication -- machining, food, scientific equipment -- is an underground ruling class that very few average people know about. If you can pull the aptitude and savvy of students from what they...

  7. Blind Person Suing Target For No Alt Tags

    What started as a student suing this time last year, has now grown into a class action lawsuit that just received certification from a federal court judge in California, Reuters reported. District Court for the Northern District of...

  8. KinderStart Becomes KinderStopped In Ranking Lawsuit Against Google

    Fire away with that class action suit. Two class action suits over click fraud, where defendants have real monetary claims arising out of actual contacts with the major search engines, have netted around $60 million for advertisers for over four...