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Round Rock

  1. Meet Canadian Search and Social Media Experts at SES Toronto

    Robert Rock, Account Manager, Search Engine People Look at the SES Toronto conference agenda and you see “Meet the Experts: Round Table Forum” appears not once, but twice. If you’ve ever been to Tim Horton’s, then you know what a double-double is.

  2. Common Problems with 404 Error Pages

    Rock on Aussies! Mark Jackson gave us a nice round up of various problems with hosting issues earlier this month. It may surprise you to learn that the way a Web site handles 404 error pages can affect search engine rankings.

  3. Daily SearchCast, June 28, 2006: Digg Goes Beyond Tech; Google Earth & Real-Time Tracking; funny Yahoo-related videos; Google Water & More!

    Platinum Plus subscribers will be given access to "Google Earth Pro to see in real-time how the Round Rock company is responding to technical support issues around the globe. Earth and real-time tracking, funny Yahoo videos, Google water and more!

  4. Daily SearchCast, July 29, 2005: Microsoft Wins Restraining Order Over Google Hire, Danish-Canadian Island Dispute Spills Into Google, Google Maps & MSN Virtual Earth Side-By-Side And More

    Google Ads, a Feud, and a Barren Rock has a patriotic Dane saying small, barren Hans Island near the North Pole -- a barren rock -- belongs to Denmark via ads on Google, prompting a patriotic Canadian to fight back with his own ads.