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  1. Flying Saucer Spotted in Google Doodle: How to Play the Roswell UFO Logo Game

    The horse grows and knocks the UFO piece off the roof UFO enthusiasts will love today’s Google Doodle which celebrates the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident. The Doodle is interactive and users need to help the alien retrieve his crashed...

  2. How to Create Compelling Content Based on Learning Styles

    If you understand the audience you wish to "wow" (i.e.the site owners you're attempting to attract or their audiences) then conversion will go through the roof. The answer lies in how they learn. Teach them to act or play their respective sports by...

  3. How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

    On the flipside it could be a daily master plan that you did follow that made your analytics go through the success roof. January is always a fresh time to fine tune online marketing habits. One good place to start is the social media editorial...

  4. Managing Management Effectively: 5 Amazing Tactics That Can Be Harnessed for Agency or In-House PPC

    Instead, CPAs are through the roof, profits are tanking, and you won’t be able to make goal this month. If you were to ask the most successful pay-per-click experts around, they’d tell you that in addition to “knowing your stuff” well, what really...

  5. Didit Buys Inceptor to Co-Promote SEO, Shopping Feed Services

    More clients are asking for a combination of managed services, all under one roof, Lee said. Didit has acquired SEO, social and comparison shopping engine management company Inceptor from SuperMedia (formerly Verizon Information Services).

  6. Obama vs. Romney: Search for Next President Reveals Astonishing Facts

    Negative media attention is also present for Mitt Romney, as a single ride on the roof of the car for his Irish Setter Seamus almost 30 years ago receives more attention than any of his law initiatives as an elected official.

  7. Super Bowl Stat Time: Wolfram|Alpha Offers Stats Guide for Football Junkies

    Weather at Lucas Oil Stadium 6:30PM this Sunday: Though weather shouldn’t be a factor at kickoff time since the roof will likely be closed. If you want Super Bowl stats, the self-described computational knowledge engine Wolfram|Alpha is the place...